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Welcome to the Press and Services Center of AviAlliance. This is where to find press releases from AviAlliance as well as from our airports.

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05.01.2018 2017 traffic figures: more and more northern Germans travelling by plane   more  
20.12.2017 Achter Passagierrekord in Folge: Düsseldorfer Airport knackt 24 Millionen-Marke   more  
04.12.2017 Budapest Airport sets another record, as traffic exceeds 12 million   more  
28.09.2017 Athens International Airport receives IATA’s “Fast Travel Gold Award”   more  
13.09.2017 Budapest Airport handles record cargo volumes and sees continued growth in first half of 2017   more  
12.07.2017 Budapest Airport: Successful signing of financing facilities   more  
05.07.2017 Düsseldorfer Airport mit Rekord-Halbjahresbilanz: Passagierplus von zwölf Prozent   more  
30.05.2017 PSP Investments and ASUR acquire 50% stake in Aerostar, operator of San Juan Airport   more  
09.05.2017 Budapest Airport’s record breaking start   more  
19.04.2017 Seit 90 Jahren Partner und Motor der Region: Düsseldorfer Airport feiert Geburtstag   more